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Step 1 How to register and start copying (Registration, Adding API keys)
Api copy service allows you to trade on a group of keys, like on a single account and copy actions from one account to many others. You can expand the capabilities of your bot or perform funds management leaving them on investors accounts. You get full control over managed user accounts, and their funds are secured. Managed users get full transparency of actions and the ability to revoke access any time. All that gives you the ease of management and additional profits for your trading. The number of added keys can be unlimited, and if you need more limits, contact us.
Step 2 How to create a group and add API keys to it.
The user can group API keys and use the group as one account when trading. You can add and delete API keys to a group at any time. All transactions on the API keys of the group will occur in proportion to their deposits. When trading by group of keys, two types of amount settings are available to you. (The percentage of the deposit and the percentage of posture.)
Step 3 How to create the first Bitmex bot and start copying.
Your first copy bot will be able to copy all actions from the main Bitmex account to any. In the process of creation, you need to select the API key from which the copy will be made (Such a API key can only have read rights) and the group to copy to. If you want to copy to one key, then add only one key to the group. Keys added to a group must have rights to open and close orders. Do not add the API key from which you copy to the group to which you are copying, the bot will immediately stop after starting. You can edit a group of API keys in the process of work.