Bitmex Copy trade service

Fast and stable service for copy bots or traders actions to many accounts.
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Bitmex copy service translate all actions to any Api Keys
We utilize the latest technology to provide you with the right set of tools to trade the way you want to, while protecting your investments in extremely volatile markets.
Fast copy
Service use Websocket tecnology and time to copy trade is less 20 msec.
Unlim Api Keys
Trade manager can add unlimited count Api Keys to service. Copy and control to all off them.
Group Terminal
Group trade terminal for professionals. You can control all trades on any accounts from one place. Trading, monitoring, saving all you trading history.
It's cloud service. We save you api keys in security place. 2FA
Group Api Keys
You can create, edit and delete GROUPS from Api Keys and copy trades on it or trade as one account.
We will send you notification about all actions in account.
Group trading ( For Professionals)
Our service allows you to trade on a group of keys, like on a single account and copy actions from one account to many others. You can expand the capabilities of your bot or perform funds management leaving them on investors accounts. You get full control over managed user accounts, and their funds are secured. Managed users get full transparency of actions and the ability to revoke access any time. All that gives you the ease of management and additional profits for your trading.
Cloud Service
APIcopy is a cloud service that allows you to make any number of trades with minimal delays. All keys are encrypted and stored on a separate secure server, without external access. We take care of trades execution 24/7. All actions are recorded and nothing is ever deleted. So we can always find out what happened.

Stand alone (white lable)
For special customers with a large number of keys, we are ready make individual offer. It is possible to add an unlimited number of keys to bitmexcopy, or to deploy a stand alone version of the platform on your servers with customization of the interface, if necessary. Please contact us and we will find the best solution.
Choose your plan
If you want more, please contact us.
Choose your plan
If you want more, please contact us. Special conditions for traders. The number of keys for traders can be unlimited.
1 month/2 API-Keys

  • 2 Bitmex API-Keys
  • Bitmex Copy Bot Pro Version
  • Group Terminal
  • Portfoli
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1 month/ 5 API-Keys

  • 5 Bitmex API-Keys
  • Bitmex Copy Bot Pro Version
  • Group Terminal
  • Portfolio
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* we accept only BTC payments using USD rate on payment date